Gunnar Isaksen fra har laget en oppsummering/review om hva han synes om vår BRESJØ, om du har lyst å lese det så trykk gjerne på linken nedenfor.

«Grönli is a Norwegian brand. That’s cool. Bresjø (glacier lake) means a lake formed by the water from a melting glacier. These tend to be green. That’s cool. The X-Factor is that little something about a watch that you can’t relly point out. The thing that makes you want to wear the watch everyday. For you, it might be the green dial or the comfortable case size. For me, the Norwegian heritage is what attracted me to the Bresjø to begin with. It is also what makes me keep the Grönli in my box of timepieces with a special connection to my heart.» - Gunnar Isaksen<

Ønsker alle våre kunder, nære og kjære en fortsatt flott romjul.



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